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Hawaiian Wedding Ceremonies

I am an ordained state-licensed and insured, non-denominational minister with experience creating magical Maui beach weddings and gorgeous ceremonies on all the islands of Hawaii. As your Wedding Officiant I will not only help you with your paperwork, but also will create beautiful, meaningful ceremonies and help carry out Maui beach weddings that are elegant and affordable. I specialize in intimate beach weddings and work with many local vendors to achieve exactly what you have in mind. I offer unity sand sculpture ceremonies, Native Hawaiian Lava Rock Ceremonies, Memorial Ceremonies and personalized prayers upon request.

Maui wedding minister

I perform religious, non-religious, spiritual-Hawaiian and interfaith ceremonies for destination weddings and now under the Hawaii Marriage Equality Law, Hawaii lesbian and gay weddings as well.  It is very important to me to take the time to create a customized, individual ceremony for your Maui beach weddings, offering you Hawaiian traditions to show respect for Ohana (family) that have past or cannot be present at your ceremony, unity sand sculptures, lei offerings, and honoring the blending of families. These are all very important considerations and you should be able to enjoy them in your ceremony.

Maui GLBT Civil Unions

. . . . .
Aloha au ‘ia ‘oe
No kêia la, no kea pô, a mau loa
Male ana e pili mai aloha kâua
Aloha aku nô, aloha mai nô
. . . . .

Aloha Spirit Blessings

Maui baby blessingBeing a minister on Maui is an incredible gift. I am thankful every day for this opportunity. For many years Maui has been alive in my heart as I walk the beaches, feel the tides and listen to the music of the ocean. Six years ago I had my own wedding here on Maui at Sunset a few days into one of Maui’s biggest storms in recent history. My wedding minister had scouted our intended beach and found that it was not usable from the storm. The date was very important to us for sentimental reasons and she knew that because we had talked about what was important to us. With her knowledge of the local geography, she found us a new beach not typically known for Maui beach weddings just in time for a sunset wedding on that same day.

With inspiration from ministers such as her and local Hawaiians, I use this knowledge, respect and ethics to best serve you, my clients, and offer them aloha for their support.  I’d like to offer you the same gift that was given to me – a meaningful, true Hawaiian Ceremony on Maui.


Maui Baby BlessingWhatever you call it, I think we all agree that it’s a celebration.  I take pride in making sure that you get the service you deserve. I believe that I should be available to answer your questions along the way – about getting ready, about your trip to Maui in general, and most importantly – about your ceremony.

Blessing your children with the energy of the Aloha Spirit is a very special and meaningful moment in your child’s life. Providing them with the protection and blessing to start their lives is the beginning of their journey. From there you, as parents, will be their living example of the kind of loving being you want your child to become.

I believe that your wedding ceremony should be the only one that day. I would like to offer you the chance at a truly magical Maui beach wedding with a local minister that honestly cares about you. Email me at Maui Beach Weddings.


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 Mahalo nui loa!

Rev. “Kalaki”,
Maui Minister
Maui Weddings and Baby Blessings

maui wedding ministerMaui Blessings





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